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Ecuador´s gastronomic and cultural richness is undeniable. We have extraordinary chefs, musicians and of course, audiences that seek to enjoy a unique experience were Ecuadorian music and gastronomy fuse.

Mestizo was created to take advantage of this wealth, and to that purpose we have created a gastronomic route that follows the new Ecuadorian cuisine, created by innovative chefs in groundbreaking restaurants in Cuenca.

Music is the perfect pairing to complete the experience: on this occasion, we will be delighted with a tribute to the “pasillo”, interpreted by Ecuadorian musicians.

La ruta

Start off the night by enjoying fine Ecuadorian cuisine, by choosing where you what do dine:
La Caleta El Jardin, Dos Sucres or Le Petite Jardin restaurants.
Five course meal, includes the pairing.

One leads to another… after dinner, end your night with a midnight show: presenting Christian Julio Jaramillo, interpreting his grandfather Julio Jaramillo classics in Republica Sur.

We´ll see you there!

Chefs & restaurants

Diego Gutiérrez


His career as a professional cook starts in 2012. He travels throughout Ecuador for a year, knowing and understanding the products and culinary preparations of each region. After his trip for professional training in renowned restaurants the USA he starts La Caleta project in Cuenca.

La Caleta proposes a concept of new Ecuadorian cuisine, focused on modernity but based on traditional knowledge, with the elaboration of dishes that promote the Ecuadorian culinary identity, from a different perspective.

Daniel Contreras


With an entrepreneurial, creative and persistent character, chef Daniel Contreras, after finishing his culinary studies, decided to set up his restaurant proposal in Cuenca. He specialized in avant-garde techniques at the Basque Culinary Center, Spain. In 2016, The Gastronomy Festival Latitud Cero highlighted him as «Young Ecuadorian Value», for his career.

«Dos Sucres» is the result of a pursued dream, “to have a restaurant and manage a kitchen”. The project began with the purpose of rescuing the flavors of Ecuador, working with local communities, producers and organic products where possible. Creating a innovating new recipes that exalt the senses and the flavors

Daniel Durán


It could be said that the passion for the kitchen of Chef s Daniel Durán comes in his veins, his family have run over time, renowned hotel entrepreneurs and restaurants. Chef Daniel studied at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy. He is extremely careful with every detail of his dishes. He is characterized as an excellent host with its customers, vivacious and very attentive.

In “El Jardin Restaurant” you can taste the freshness of local ingredients, the tradition of family recipes. It combines all that, with the slogan of making the experience of each dish unforgettable. This restaurant has been awarded in international and national tour guides, for its 35 years of experience.

Giovanni Cambizaca


Chef Giovanni Cambizaca Salinas specialized in French cuisine while living in the United States and had the desire to bring his passion and skills to his home country. His weekly menu at Le Petit Jardin changes depending on the seasonal products and enhancing the traditional recipes.

Le Petit Jardin is a picturesque and exuberant restaurant, in San Miguel de Putushi, a 20 minutes ride from the Cuenca city center. The restaurant serves a weekly menu, making each dish a unique experience.


Midnight show

After being delighted by the fabulous chefs and food, we head to República Sur, to enjoy exclusive musical presentations:

Christian Julio Jaramillo + the traditional “Lagarteros”: June 30th , 23:00

Christian Julio Jaramillo, with a prodigious voice, carries in his blood the musical heritage of his grandfather, the Ruiseñor de América idol, Julio Jaramillo Laurido.
At 31 years old, he has participated in musical events and competitions internationally and in Ecuador. He has represented the country in America and Europe, together with the Performing Orchestra de la Casa de la Cultura, and the Guayaquil Symphony Orchestra.

Date / June 30


La comida se negocia

La comida se negocia

«Tiestos no sería nada sin su chef grande, gordo y barbón». Así lo expresó uno de los mentores de Juan Solano, reconocido chef de Cuenca, fundador del restaurante Tiestos, que figura entre los mejores de Latinoamérica.

Desde la mirada de un chef

Desde la mirada de un chef

Son casi 60 años dentro de las cocinas. El chef cocinero Jacques Teillard proviene de la región francesa llamada Bretaña, marítima por excelencia. Y él -de hecho- fue marinero también. Aunque, finalmente, no se pudo resistir al llamado de la pasión por la cocina.

Una experiencia extraordinaria en El Mercado

Una experiencia extraordinaria en El Mercado

Llevaba trabajando como 12 años en el sector gastronómico y hotelero antes de iniciar la aventura de El Mercado. Roberto Mora, proviene de una familia vinculada a este sector desde la época de su abuelo, Cornelio Vintimilla, quien fue el fundador de Huertos Uzhupud. A Roberto le apetece que la gente sienta que detrás de lo que se pone en la mesa hubo un trabajo de pensar, formular, poner en escena, seres humanos creando.

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